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The Unique, "No Application" Remote Job Search Strategy

A talk by Jordan Carroll

There has never been a better time to master your remote job search. Jordan Caroll has worked at a Fortune 100 company, multiple start-ups, and his own businesses — all remotely and all in different industries over the past 5+ years. Jordan has taught dozens of people how to do the same as #TheRemoteJobCoach!

Tune into this session to:

• Understand if the dream of remote work is it actually for you (Honesty is the best policy: it’s truly not for everyone)

• A simple 3-step system to use so you can stand out from the thousands of others who are still using traditional application methods

• The biggest mistakes most remote job seekers make that ruin first impressions with employers

• Hacks to help you optimize your social media presence to get visibility by the right people

• The 5 x 5 x 5 networking system. This easy and sustainable digital networking technique helps you virtually connect with the right contacts

If you've ever thought to yourself in disgust, "What happens once COVID ends and I have to go back to the office?" then you'll need to tune in for this.

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The 13 LinkedIn Profile Settings You Must Optimize to Avoid Being Filtered Out of the Resume Pile!

Your LinkedIn is your ‘landing page’ for employers, potential collaborators, and recruiters. Along with a fully filled out profile, it's important to optimize very specific parts of your profile so you avoid being filtered out of the resume pile when applying to remote jobs. In addition, these hacks create ‘digital proximity’ with hiring managers, remote companies, and valuable connections beyond your current network, to help you get a remote job. Download this PDF so you can change these 13 settings immediately to help your chances of landing a remote job!

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